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The Accused Witches of Culross

In my role as Witch Anum Cara, I laid 32 stones for the accused witches from Culross in the abandoned West Kirk, where four of them allegedly held their sabbats. This was their sanctuary in my story. It felt right to place them here.

They are cradled in the ivy-covered stump of the tree that is a gatekeeper to the otherworld. I held a small ceremony for these 31 daughters and 1 son from Scotland. I made some symbolic offerings so they would never hunger or thirst in the afterlife and lamented their loss.

I have done this many times before but felt strangely lonely after this particular ceremony as if a bit of me was somehow missing. I reflected on this state and understood that I had said farewell to the souls of five women who had been a big part of my life for the last year.

I have lived and breathed their story and now that my book is finally finished it felt like the right time to do this final thing for them. I hope I have done them justice in all I have done. Till we meet again in the stars, rest in eternal peace…….


Christiane Coupar


Helene Ezatt

Jonnet Tor

Jonet Umphra

Marjorie Rowand

Jonet Watt

Alexander Clerk

Mayse Umphra

Marioun Stirk


Jonet Dousone

Grissel Astrin

Kath Rowane

Helene Rowane


Katherine Mitchell


Catherine Rowane

Margaret Hutton

Marion Thomson

Elspeth Shearer

Marion Burgess

Jonet Burne


Jonet Erskine

Beatrix Bruce

Mary Cunningham


Margaret Holden


Janet Paterson


Elspeth Craiche


Katherine Sands

Jonet Hendrie

Agnes Hendrie

Issobell Inglis

Elspeth Huiton


Helen Eliot

And sundry mair……..


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