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As someone who works with the soul of the living and the dead. I have always found it unforgivable that the accused were denied funerary rites and what was left of their charred remains were likely thrown on the local midden. At that time in history, most would have believed that without the observance of death customs that their soul would not ascend to heaven. It come to me in the dreamtime, that like the Bean Chaoite of old, I should lament and keen to sing home the souls from the witchcraft trials who had not crossed over. Since then, I have become a Witch Anum Cara. I have a devotional practice to the dead and hold rituals of remembrance while singing their earthbound souls home to the otherworld.


Until now, I have only offered this powerful course as in person workshop but there is so much healing needed around this 'original  wound' of the burning times. Hence, I have decided to offer it as an online workshop. Along with a monthly keening circle for those who have taken part in the workshop and want to be a Witch Anum Cara.

At this unique one day workshop we will come together to begin to heal the invisible legacy of the burning times. We will aim to release this ancestral trauma, through the weaving of ancestral wisdom in the form of ritual reclaiming and the unsung sounds of grief. In community, we will fill our hollow bones with the old song ways of lamenting and keening. Like the Bean Chaointe, our voices will create a bridge to the spirit world, so the accused witches can join their ancestors in the otherworld. 



The persecution of women as witches 

The ancestral wounds of the burning times

Honouring Bride as the mother of keening

Folklore of the banshee as death messenger

The sacred role of the Bean Chaointe

The ancestral traditions of lamenting

The ancient ritual act of keening

Becoming a Witch Anum Cara

Devotional practice 


£95 and £75 concession. 



10:00 till 4:00

To be announced


You will need a bowl of water

A ball of red wool

A scarf to cover your head

Basic art materials 

I am honoured to perform death rites and sing home the souls of the accused witches. Get in touch if you would like to learn these forgotten practices and joint my keening circle of Anum Caras. There is much work to be done and the Cailleach is calling……..


There were many reasons why people were accused as witches, one was because they were outspoken women. Their tongues were feared because it was believed that they could charm, curse, and cast spells with their voices. Making working with forgotten female traditions like keening and lamenting that are taught in the workshop even more relevant. By reclaiming the magic of your voice, you give voice to the thousands who were killed during the witch hunts in this land.


A closed monthly keening circle for Witch Anum Caras that have taken the online or in-person workshop and wish to develop a devotional practice to our ancestral accused. 


"So grateful for the honest, humble, and caring way Rowan lead us to do this incredible empowering remembering. It took us to a place of transformation and truth! With deep gratitude from the Cailleach Essence of light". 

(Jean McCulloch)

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