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After an extensive period of in-person study with world-leading shamanic teachers I am qualified to teach all cross-cultural shamanic courses but I felt that without direct roots some of these teachings lacked power. In my quest to reclaim what was forgotten. , I traced the source of similar practices in my own ancestral lineages to put the meat on the bones. My deep connection to folklore and customs was invaluable to this, as I walk with one foot in the past and one in the present. But I am not a reconstructionist. That does nothing to keep these traditions alive in a modern world. Without a living breathing practice they are at risk of becoming nothing more than reading fodder for academics. This is sacred work and I only teach the workshops below in person. 


Scotland is a land woven with stories that are full of threads of wisdom. These are as much a part of us as the red blood that flows through our veins. These ancient tales spoke freely of death and grief. Our ancestors understood that death is a natural part of life. They knew the importance of ritual when it came to caring for dying and the dead, so the eternal soul could safely transition to the otherworld.


This two-day workshop explores beliefs and customs that are native to Scotland and Ireland. The first day focuses on being in service to the dead by exploring the ancient practice of psychopomp to cross over suffering beings who are stuck in the earth realm. It includes the traditional rituals of lamenting and keening for the dead. 

The second day of this workshop focuses on the sacred act of supporting the dying, so their soul is prepared for death and they can have a gentle transition to the otherworld and take their place amongst the ancestors. During this day we will experience a waking death, which is a powerful experience that enables a deeper understanding of the soul's journey home.

It is my belief that no one should be excluded from learning. This is an abhorrent barrier that currently exists in the spiritual world when many trendy courses come with an extortionate price tag. I watched it happen with shamanism and now it is happening with witchcraft. These teachings should not be just for the wealthy, which is why I try to make everything as affordable as possible. Fees are around £100 for each in-person workshop and are payable on the day if you choose to progress with the training. You are not held to ransom with requests to pay everything up front. 


Celtic Death Customs

Earthbound Spirits

Communing with the Dead

Practice of Psychopomp

The Otherworld Journey

Lamenting the Dead

Ritual of Kenning


Caring for the Dyin

Preparation of the Body

The Winding Sheet

The Lykewake 

Burial Customs

Grief Rituals


£225 for this two day training. Please note, this is not a certificated course. It can be taken by anyone who wants to reclaim these death traditions, or support loves ones in their transition to the otherworld. I can provide a letter for a shamanic practitioner who wants to add this element to their practice.

Yesterday I spent a deeply moving and poignant day with a circle of sisters, led by Rowan in honouring and singing home the souls of the women (and men) of Scotland accused of being witches. Rowan is a gifted storyteller who brought graphically to life the atrocities that were inflicted on these women and guided us all with compassion, strength and integrity. This was a pilgrimage that was intensely personal to me having been something I’ve carried close to my heart since my young childhood and very much part of my life now. For anyone who feels an affinity to magic and witchcraft and anyone who feels called to heal the past of these wounds, I highly recommend you attend this workshop. Thank you for your service, Rowan. I very much hope to work with you again soon.

(Suz McDonald)

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