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In Remembrance

In my devotional practice as a Witch Anum Cara, I held a crossing-over ceremony on the Isle of Bute, where I lamented and keened for the accused witches from this small Scottish island. I laid a white quartz pebble gathered from the Argyll shore, in memory of each of the 49 Accused Witches from the Isle. These stones are associated with the fair folk and have been found in the graves of the ancestors.



Jean Campbell


Margaret NcLevin Agnes

Janet McNicol

Jonet Morisone

Issobell NcNicol

Jonet McIllmartine

wife of Soirle McAllexander

Katharine Moore

Kathrine Stewart

Elspeth Spence


Margrat NcIllduy

Mary Frissell


daughter of black Heu Stewart

Cirstine Ballantyne

eldest son of Katharine Moor Frissell

Annie Heyman

Jonat McNeill

Issobell McCan

Kathrine Frissell

Margret McIllvein

Margret McNickell

Kathrine Cristell

Kathrine Largizean

Marie More NcCuill

Amy Hyndman

Amy Hindman

Margrat NcNeill

Donald McCartour

Alester McNiven

Marie McKaw

mid most son of Soirle McAllester

NcCullem Beg

Issobell NcNeill

Mary NcNivan

Margrat NcWilliam

Elspat Galie

Jonet NcIntyre

daughter of Alexander McIllmartin

Patrick McKaw


Marget McKirdy

Issobell More McKaw

Geillis Frissell

Lachlan McKirdy

Margaret Moore


Finwell Hyndman


James McPhee

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