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Remembering the Witch Queen of Scotland

In my devotional practice as a Witch Anum Cara. I visited Auldearn, a small village outside Nairn in the Highlands. An area that was home to Isobel Gowdie, whose comprehensive confessions are still debated by academics today. I wrote a short narration from a feminist viewpoint about her confessions a couple of years ago. I have put this up for anyone who wants to read it.

I also wrote a song about Isobel, called - Witch Queen. This was recorded by The Daughters of the Cailleach and gifted to the charity, Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland. Please click on the link and purchase the song to support them.

While in the village, I let down my grey hair and removed the ritual red thread from my braid before lamenting and keening to sing home the souls of any earthbound accused from the hunt of 1662. After the expression of my unsung grief, I held a sacred ceremony and laid white quartz stones that I had collected for the 22 accused witches from Auldearn who were persecuted. By saying their names, they are never forgotten!

Issobel Gowdie

Issobel Friece

Bessie Friece

Archilbald Man

Helen Inglis

Janet Smith

Marione Taylor

Agnes Torie

Elspet Nishie

Margaret Wilsone

Elspet Chisolm

Elspet Makhomie

Bessie Wilson

Mariorie Man

Keathren Sowter

Barbara Friece

Janet Burnet

Margaret Brodie

Bessie Hay

Elspeth Makbeith

Isobel More

Jean Martin

And the sundry mair ….


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