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The essences below do not contain any plant material, making them a safe way to experience some of the most magical plants that are associated with witchcraft, spirit flight, and the poison path. They contain the energetic imprint (spirit) of the various plants and fungi infused with sunlight in Scottish spring water and preserved in Organic Brandy.









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 A witches plant of the same family as Mandrake and Belladonna. It is one of the ingredients used to make flying ointment. In plant from, it is used as a painkiller, to induce oblivion, create altered states and even death, depending on dosage. In essence form, it serves as a key that can open the doorway to spirit flight.

The quintessential magical plant, feared and valued for its strange root and powerful narcotic properties. It is the main hallucinogenic ingredient used by both shamans and witches. In essence form, it is most effective when it is placed on top of the head to create a safe otherwordly visionary experience. 

Deadly Nightshade, also known as Belladonna, was reportedly used in witchcraft as a flying ointment. When the plant was soaked in fat then applied externally it induced the sensation of flying, due to its hallucinogenic effects. In essence form it clears away self-deceptions which can release one's own demons and lead to transformation of the self.

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This poisonous plant is also known as Wolfsbane. This plant has ancient connections with the warding off werewolves. Historically it was used to create poison arrows. It is also associated with the goddess Hekate and is another plant listed as a medieval ingredient in witches’ flying ointments. 



Also known as Thorn Apple and the Devil's Apple.  It is known in both the Old and New Worlds as a medicinal, magical and sacred plant. Its spirit is a kin to bathing in moonlight. It can facilitate the release of mental and emotional spiritual intrusions, enabling us to transmute our ‘dark night of the soul’ into wisdom.

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Fly Agaric

The striking red and white spotted mushroom use as a sacred power plant is recorded from Siberia into India, Finland to Northern and Middle America. In essence form, it can offer an enhanced sense of  inner knowledge and  enable communication with nature spirits and the unseen world of Elfhame.  


As plant spirit medicine, they are best inhaled or dropped on the crown of the head to help achieve an altered state. They can be used individually or combined to create an essence that can aid a state of sprit flight. 


All essences cost £13 per bottle including post and packing. Please state whether you wish an individual essence or a combination bottle of spirit flight when you pay using the button below.  

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Rowan is a wonderful teacher who is able to adapt to the needs of her students. She is patient, compassionate and very knowledgeable. She has the unique gift of being able to take the magical and ground it into the everyday. I have been able to use the skills I learned in my daily life.

(Marianne Shields)

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