Rowan Morrison 

Weaver of words & magic



“When I heard you begin to talk. I was captivated, I became vulnerable to your embrace. The waves of words bathed me, flowing, smashing, crashing, healing..... A sweet child rose up within me, both myself and this sweet boy merged listening to your tale. Goosebumps arrived and my hair stood on end as we galloped, riding every word we heard! And then finally the end! I had to let go. The silence returned but it was different! I wanted more..... Rowan is such a gifted storyteller that her words create a rich tapestry of experience! As a listener, you become the book itself and for every breath Rowan takes to deliver new words. A new page is opened in your life, magically and beautifully! Take this moment seriously and ride it like the wind! For she will guide you along the way”. (Pete Bengry)

“Rowan doesn't just tell you a story. She leads you straight into the heart and soul of it. She transports you to a magical land, and when you return, reluctantly, you will feel as if you have just emerged from a time machine, still tasting the Scottish salt air on your tongue”. (Jane Burns)

 “Rowan engaged all my senses when she began to weave her captivating tale. I was swept away to a time and place where time stands till and delight filled my soul. Every gesture and inflection of her velvet voice thrilled my being. I did not wish the story to end and was spellbound, transported, and transformed by her mastery of the art of storytelling”. (Jan Lucier)

“Rowan weaves a tale like no other. Time stops and all that exists is the suspense of the moment, the wonder of the story and the utter delight of being truly immersed in a world of mystery. Compelling and unmissable!”. (Sudhi Salooja)

 “Rowan's storytelling took me straight to foreign lands and times that felt as if I had known them forever. Her words were like magical spells, filling my heart with soul, laughter, tears and wonder. Her story left me deeply moved and grateful to be alive on this planet of wonder and beauty”. (Roel Crabbe) 

“As soon as Rowan started talking, I was immediately pulled into her story of magic and mystery, flowing with each character full of suspense and joy. She is a truly gifted storyteller”. (Heather Craig)

“Rowan is a very powerful storyteller. Her stories come right out of her heart with much love and into the heart of everyone listening to her! When she tells stories it is like being part of that story! Rowan you are just brilliant”. (Ginny Brand)

“Rowan Morrison’s beautiful storytelling is magical. Evocative of the true Bardic dreaming of this land”. (Maxine Smillie)

“When Rowan tells a story she transforms and pulls you into another realm. It is magical!” (Barbara Neznek)

“Magical storytelling that totally immerses you so that you fully believe that you are truly there with each of the characters in the story”. (Tahir Sharif)

“Rowan holds the space of the Storyteller with fierce joy and gentle humour”. (Jill Hunter)

“Rowan is a natural storyteller. Every word is spoken with such heart that it evokes pure emotion and captivates you from start to finish”. (Michael Burdick)

“Rowan's story telling is spellbinding and passionate, pulling you deep in to story you go outside of time. She is not to be missed”. (Rahima Kay Ferguson)

“Rowan is a powerful storyteller. The words become instant visions and the story is heard and watched at the same time. A sheer magic”. (Marta Niccolai)

“I have a great appreciation for Rowan's storytelling.... my eyes become wide open and I bend forward waiting for her next words. It awakens the child in me”. (Janice Zwail)

"Rowan Morrison doesn't just tell a story. She becomes the story and she weaves her listeners into the magic of that." (Ursula Aerts)

 “Hearing Rowan tell her tales is a truly magical experience. Mesmerizing & so from the heart”. (Shona Sullivan)