Rowan Morrison 

Weaver of words & magic


              “A story is a fact wrapped in emotion that compels us to take action and so transform the world around us”                                       (unknown)                  


Once upon a time there was a wee lassie who would sit as quiet as a 'wee moose' while she listened to her auld granny tell stories by their smoky coal fire.............stories spoke to her soul and fed her imagination.........they inspired and helped her create a world of wonder.........they moved and motivated her..........they made her believe in magic and miracles.............

That wee lassie was me, and that childhood experience was the seed that grew into a belief in the power of storytelling for personal and social change, and as a creative art that can increase well-being. 

I trained as a Community Artist and then as a Theater of the Oppressed facilitator and went on to take a degree in Community Education. I have worked with children, young people and adults in various communities over the last 30 years. In that time I have learnt as much, as those I have had the honor of working with. As a Community Educator I have used storytelling with young people, as part of a children's drama and arts group that I facilitated. I used storytelling with adults, as an educational tool to raise awareness of mental health issues, so that society would ‘see people’ not the label. I have used storytelling to teach school children what they should do if they experience abuse. I have also used life-story mapping, creative writing and song, along with other creative mediums to raise awareness of domestic abuse and homelessness. 

I also trained as a shamanic practitioner and teacher. I learned the some people become stuck in their story and forget that they can create new and better stories, so I learned to tell healing stories. I like tell tales of the natural world, the spirit worlds, the elements, the wheel of the year and Celtic fairy tales. I like to bring a little bit of magic into the ‘middle world’. Some of these are traditional myths and some are tales of my own making.  I write some of my own stories and also teach others to write their own stories, which are birthed to the sound of the frame drum. This is the shamans workhorse and my love of drumming began the first time I held one in my hand and felt my heart sing. Like stories the drum can be used to help human beings connect with themselves and others on a deeper level of awareness. 


I am now a professional storyteller who is listed with the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. Oral storytelling is a traditional art and in Scotland we keep those ancient bardic traditions alive by telling "eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart". I like to tell in Scots and include storytelling in shamanic drumming in most of my workshops.